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There is a rising trend to use prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements are no longer for the rich, becoming more and more prevalent with successful middle-class couples. The use of a prenuptial agreement is especially important in cases involving substantial premarital … Continue reading

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How do I get emergency custody in Oregon – What is Immediate Danger?

As an Oregon divorce and family law lawyer, I talk to a lot of parents who want an immediate change of custody or an immediate suspension of parenting time. It can be extremely frustrating for them to learn that it … Continue reading

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How do I find hidden assets in a divorce?

The divorce process is a time of mistrust for each spouse, and right or wrong, each may accuse the other of hiding assets. Assets are traditionally hidden in one of four ways: (1) The person denies the existence of an … Continue reading

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Oregon courts focus on the “best interests and welfare of the child” in determining which parent will be awarded legal custody. It is commonly asked what the phrase “in the best interests” means. In some cases, a custody determination can … Continue reading

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