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Super DUII – Enhanced Penalties for High Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in Oregon

The Oregon Legislature has created a “Super DUII” category as an enhanced penalty for Driving under the Influence. INCREASED MINIMUM DUII PENALTIES Oregon law now provides for a mandatory minimum fine of $2,000 for DUII defendants with a high Blood … Continue reading

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Aftermath of Measure 73 – The Oregon Crimefighting Act and Felony DUI

In November 2010, Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved the Oregon Crimefighting act which substantially increases the penalties for Felony DUI.  The act creates a felony for a third DUI conviction in ten years and mandates 90 days prison time.  The pertinent … Continue reading

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Quite often DUII Defendants are charged with crimes related to or arising out of the underlying DUII charge.  A District Attorney can prosecute a DUII Defendant with misdemeanor and felony crimes even if the police officer did not give a … Continue reading

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How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is calculated pursuant to the Oregon Child Support Guidelines which are designed to address the needs of most families.  The Child Support Guidelines are used by the Courts or the Division of Child Support to ensure that child … Continue reading

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