Use a Prenuptial Agreement to Protect Your Assets

Without a Prenuptial Agreement, the courts will use State law to determine the distribution of a marital estate and all issues involved in a divorce.  High Asset individuals can greatly benefit from pre-nuptial agreements. Making agreements about how property should be divided after marriage can, not only help you avoid expensive and confrontational divorce litigation, but you can also enter your commitment fully informed up front of what each other’s financial expectations will be going into the marriage or relationship

We have assisted many clients in reviewing, negotiating, drafting, enforcing, and challenging pre and post nuptial co-habitation agreements. At the Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman we recognize that the most important consideration in hiring your attorney and drafting your agreement is ensuring the contract is written well enough to be enforced by the courts should this ever become necessary.  We are aware of the factors a court considers regarding enforcement and keep abreast of new developments in this area of law.

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