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Use Collaboration for an Amicable Divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce the parties and their attorneys pledge to reach an acceptable resolution of the case without resorting to litigation. The process involves  working together in a series of settlement conferences to reach an amicable agreement. The attorneys … Continue reading

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What is a Legal Separation?

A Legal Separation provides a means for you and your spouse to live separate financial lives while remaining legally married.  Legal Separation is commonly used in the following situations: To obtain jurisdiction prior to the normal six month residency requirements … Continue reading

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Unmarried Fathers Must Establish Paternity To Have Parental Rights

Unfortunately, most fathers don’t realize that if they were not married to the mother of their child or children, they have no legal rights as a parent.  Paternity for the unmarried father can only be proven through DNA testing or … Continue reading

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Contempt proceedings to enforce a judgment?

Quite often a party to a divorce willfully disobeys the terms of a judgment or court order.  In that case, the remedy is to file a proceeding that seeks to hold the disobedient party in contempt of court.  For instance, … Continue reading

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Clark County Suggested Visitation Schedules – Make this your minimum

I am posting the Clark County suggested visitation schedule which establishes a baseline for your own personal parenting plan in the Vancouver area.  You really should not settle for less time and should work toward establishing additional mid-week parenting time … Continue reading

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The Washington Divorce Process

            I am providing you below with answers to frequently asked questions about dissolution of marriage cases in the State of Washington.  I hope this provides you with assistance with your Washington divorce. What is dissolution of marriage?  A dissolution … Continue reading

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The Oregon Dissolution Process

            I am providing you below with answers to frequently asked questions about dissolution of marriage cases.  I hope this provides you with assistance during your Oregon divorce.             What is a dissolution of marriage?  A dissolution of marriage, commonly … Continue reading

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Using Marital Settlement Agreements And Separation Contracts To Resolve Your Divorce Quickly

Marital settlement agreements and Separation Contracts can be used to formalize an agreement between spouses prior to finalizing a divorce.  The process can be done quickly on an informal basis or with the assistance of a skilled mediator. A marital … Continue reading

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How do I obtain an Emergency Custody Order in Oregon?

Oregon courts provide for an “emergency” custody order if a child is in “immediate danger” and Status Quo orders to maintain placement and routines.  The requirements depend upon the timing of the request. We can help you obtain an emergency … Continue reading

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Parenting classes are mandatory in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties.  The failure to timely complete the class could have a negative effect on your ability to enforce your parenting time rights and could prevent you from concluding your divorce. Multnomah County: … Continue reading

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